What Is A Wooden Name Train?

As the phrase suggests that the wooden name train is constructed of wood. Ours are particularly gorgeous because they are made of beech wood and stained in a natural shade, bringing out the natural qualities of the wood and giving each one a unique appearance. Typically, name trains are purchased as gifts for children's birthdays, baptisms, or christenings. They make the perfect gifts for children ages 1-4.

A  wooden toy engine, a caboose, and numerous letter carriages make up a wooden name train. They are joined together using either magnets or hooks. The child's first name is often formed by choosing the letter carriages. Of course, you are free to buy any letters you choose. Additional carriages, such as love hearts and ampersands, are available for longer sentences. You can see every option available at the Name Train Depot.

Environmentally conscious customers will enjoy our Bamboo name train. As implied by the name, it is made from bamboo that has been ethically sourced. Even if it is a little different, the format is still fantastic. Rather than purchasing separate letter carriages. You must purchase 1 letter carriage for each letter of the child's name. The alphabet letters are supplied on letter tiles. On opposing sides of the tiles, an uppercase and lowercase version of each letter is displayed. By investing in all 26 letter tiles, parents might assist children to improve their spelling abilities while also maximizing the educational value of the toy.

In addition to being a lot of fun to play with, a wooden name train can be used as a teaching tool. Playing with a name train and putting the cars together in the proper order might help a child learn how to spell their name for the first time. Imagine sitting on the floor next to your child while they arrange the carriages to spell out their names. Of course, securing the carriages together improves a child's dexterity and coordination.

The name train can be proudly exhibited in the child's bedroom, perhaps placed on the wall, until the child is old enough to play with it. As a piece of bedroom furniture, it can be the starting point for a lot of bedtime tales as kids get more curious about it and want to play with it.

When children are three years old or older, they can either remove it from the wall and use the associated string to pull it about the room, or they can use it with the majority of wooden train systems because compatibility with most wooden train systems is guaranteed.

It is now as simple as 123 to order a name train from the Name Train Depot.:-

  1. Enter the child's name 
  2. and select the name train style. As of this writing, there are only 2 alternatives.
  3. Add the engine, the caboose, the letter carriages, and the letter tiles to your shopping cart with just one click.

We at the Name Train Depot are so confident that you will love your purchase of our Wooden Name Train that we offer a happiness guarantee. Like It or Love It, or we'll offer you a full return if you don't. Why are you being stubborn? Visit our website right away and use our straightforward ordering method.